World101x: Anthropology of Current World Issues

Jeffrey speaks about his work with social movements, the politics of globalization and how to make another world possible. 

- EdX

World101x: Anthropology of Current World Issues Teaser

In World101x, we look at the world using an anthropological lens in order to shed new perspectives on current world issues, from indigeneity to migration and material culture.

- Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) from The University of Queensland

Occupy Movement: Live Q&A with Northeastern Professor Jeffrey Juris

Jeffrey kicked off the launch of 3Qs Live with an engaging discussion via Facebook about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

- Northeastern University

Occupy Everything and the 2011 Global Uprisings

Jeffrey speaks at UMass Amherst as part of the On Protest Lecture Series

- UMass Political Science



Networks & Movements

Jeffrey explores how movement activists are using, and are being influenced by, communications technologies and networks. He claims that the network has become a powerful cultural ideal.

- Against the Grain, KPFA